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New ! Mobile ATM's !
Effective Spring 2011
              We are proud to announce the addition of trailer mounted and stand-alone mobile ATM deployments. Utilizing Cellular Gateway Communication Technology and generator power if needed, we are able to put a machine almost anywhere!

              The trailer units are perfect for outdoor festivals, field days and carnivals. The stand alone units are typical retail style ATM's that we have outfitted with special cellular modems. They are a great fit for indoor events that would benefit from the presence of accessible cash.

              Wagner Management LLC will bring the machine(s) to your location and provide armed guard vault cash loading at no charge.

              We share a portion of the withdrawal surcharge revenue with your event so you can not only have the benefit of extra cash on location, but your event can make a small profit as well.

              Call (716) 481-8164 to book your event today !


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